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Dr. Richard Niles uses his experience of working with Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, James Brown, Mariah Carey, Pat Metheny and Bob James to kick start your learning process and inspire your creativity!

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The Niles Creative Workshops

Dr. Richard Niles has established a unique career as an internationally acclaimed composer, songwriter, producer, arranger and performer. His credits include work with some of the most respected names in pop, soul and jazz.
His input has helped Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, Pat Metheny, Ray Charles, James Brown, Kylie Minogue, Michael McDonald, Take That, Bob James, Cher, Dusty Springfield and Marina and the Diamonds.

Why not let his advice help YOU?

Dr. Niles has run his Niles Creative Workshops at The Berklee College of Music (Boston), University of Southern California, CalState, The Musician’s Institute (LA), Brunel University (UK), The Academy of Contemporary Music (UK) and the Leeds College of Music (UK). Now you can get the advantage of his 36 years of experience online.
An ever-growing library of HD videos (currently over 100) will allow you to learn at your own pace. Here learning is a two-way street as you can post questions and audio/video examples of your own work on the Member’s Forum for Niles’ comments and personal advice.

Artist Development/Performance – Niles specializes in helping artists develop from beginners to professionals – from professionals to hit makers. Niles gives you techniques absorbed from working with acclaimed artists in every style.
Record Production – Niles has produced hits and worked with some of the most successful producers of all time. Niles gives you professional concepts and techniques showing you how to produce records that are impressive and emotive.
Songwriting – Niles has written hits and worked with hit songwriters. Niles explains his acclaimed 11 Point Plan showing you how to write songs that are effective and compelling.
Arranging/Composition – Niles has arranged over 40 hits and composed music for film and over 200 TV commercials. His techniques show you how to arrange music to bring out the best in any composition and how to compose music for any application.
Music Theory with Alexander Niles – Richard’s son Alex will take you from being an absolute beginner to college level. And he makes it fun and easy to learn!
Interviews – Niles interviews some of the greatest hit-making recording artists, producers, songwriters and composers of our time asking the questions you’ve always wanted to hear answered. You’ll get their stories, techniques and insider career tips.
Learn directly from Richard Niles, one of the acknowledged masters of contemporary music. Sign the mailing list right now and kick-start your creativity! You’ll get 4 free introductory lessons. Then choose full membership giving you access to all NCW courses, our complete HD Video Archive and access to the Member’s Forum.

Quotes about The Niles Creative Workshops and Dr. Richard Niles:
Niles explains the mechanics of music better than anyone else. One of pop’s top arrangers… not only does Niles know what he’s talking about, he imparts his knowledge with clarity and certainty. When you are talking musical pedagogy, Richard Niles is the daddy. The Times (London)
"Richard Niles is an exceptional musician – one of the best composer/arrangers around and a truly exciting musical force. His real world experience over the past 30+ yearsl makes him instantly unique in that his teaching is informed by so much more than the theoretical." Pat Metheny (Grammy Winning jazz composer/guitarist)
“Thanks for all your help. I remember being really inspired” ex-student Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds
“Those lyrics you wrote for me sound like the kind of stuff I wrote in the ‘50s!” Ray Charles
“What makes Niles’ approach unique is that he’s interested in a fusion of genres.” LA Music Connection
“You bad, Niles!” Mister James Brown
"Your production work is of the highest caliber." Richard Carpenter – Producer, songwriter and member of The Carpenters
“We’ve always been big fans of Richard Niles… It was a real buzz working with him.” Dan Gillespie-Sells, lead singer of British pop sensation The Feeling
"Great arrangements! Great production!" Bob James (Grammy Winning jazz composer/pianist)
"Richard Niles’ prodigious talent as composer/arranger/performer have served him well in his multi-faceted pursuits." Jazz Composer Michael Gibbs
“Niles’ long and impressive experience informs his teaching. His wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with his love for both jazz and popular musics is clearly embedded in his teaching methods. Professor Frank Griffith, Director of Performance, Head of Jazz, Brunel University
“Richard Niles shows it is perfectly possible to have a scholarly appreciation of what makes music sound good allied to a wicked sense of humour. He delves into how an arrangement can make a hit and which instruments change the colours in music to play most effectively on listeners’ emotions.” The Daily Telegraph (London)
"Richard Niles is one of those people whose projects can be recommended without hesitation. He pushes the ear and imagination to encompass the workings of other peoples minds." The Sunday Telegraph (London)
“Produced by Richard Niles, there’s a master craftsman quality, painstakingly assembled by hand.” review
From NCW students:
“Very clear, concise and hugely valuable. It allowed me to recognise the flaws in my work before I even got your feedback. Loved your directness (and your humour).”
I just wanted to let you know how helpful I found your songwriting seminar.  Your advice on writing lyrics, in particular, is going to make me focus with much greater discipline on what I want to say and how to say it.  But everything you said was worth hearing. Definitely worth the admission price!”

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