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Niles, who has arranged over 40 hit records, will reveal such techniques as creating instrumental hooks, writing for brass and strings, use of sequencers, introductions, riffs, voicings, and interludes. He will demonstrate many of the techniques he has used to make records more effective emotionally and commercially. Learn how to arrange songs and start this course!

Artist Development

This is your chance to have your work evaluated and your questions answered by someone who has advised some of the most successful and acclaimed talents of our time. Niles gives you their techniques and methods to develop your UNIQUE creativity and talent as a performer. Begin your artist development and start this course!

Record Production

Niles approaches production not as a technician but as a musician working with musicians to get the best possible performances. Working with songwriters to choose and create the most effective songs. Helping artists to make records that surprise, intrigue and astound the listener. Learn how to produce records and start this course!


Niles, whose songs have been recorded by Ray Charles and Tina Turner, will analyze and discuss your songs as well as revealing the techniques of many great hits. He will share his unique 11 Point Plan which will guarantee an effective and dynamic song. Songwriting is easy when you’re inspired, and know how to structure your message, start this course!

Music Theory

Learn music theory now, start this course with guest lecturer Alexander Niles!


Niles, who has been a BBC broadcaster and journalist, gives you the benefit of unique interviews with some of the most acclaimed artists, producers, arrangers and songwriters in music. Hear our unique artist interviewsand learn from the masters NOW!

Niles Creative Workshops

Niles Creative Workshops

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